PMV Electric’s EaS-E Electric Quadricycle Debuts

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PMV is currently taking pre-orders for the quadricycle

There is a current rush to phase out internal combustion engine-powered vehicles with battery-powered alternatives in different parts of the world. The Mumbai-based startup, PMV Electric, has joined the trend with the unveiling of its EaS-E electric quadricycle which will debut on November 16 in the Indian market.

The company is already accepting pre-orders for as low as $25. The PMV EaS-E is a compact quadricycle meant for daily urban commutes and will debut in three variants with a driving range between 75 miles and 125 miles on a full charge.

The manufacturers say the battery can be fully charged in less than four hours with the included 3 kW AC charger. What is more interesting is that you can plug it into your regular household outlet—eliminating the need for a fancy wall-mounted box.

Although resembling a car, EaS-E will be sold as a quadricycle, just like the Bajaj Qute, and belongs to a new class of vehicles called Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMV). The company is aiming to set the price of EaS-E between $5-6,000. Perhaps, India’s rising urban pollution is fueling the need for a more sustainable urban transport system.

Features of the PMV EaS-E electric vehicle

Taunted as a ‘Smart Car’, the EaS-E will feature a wide range of hardware and software that are commonly found in electric SUVs and sedans. This includes an air conditioning system that can be remotely controlled using a mobile application, a USB charging port, Bluetooth connectivity, remote keyless entry, a regenerative braking system, a cruise control, a remote park assist, and more.

EaS-E has a miniaturized dimension of 2,915 mm (2.92 m) in length and 1,157 mm (1.16 m) in width with a height of 1,600 mm (1.6 m). The EV will have a ground clearance of 170 mm, a wheelbase of 2,087 mm, and weigh 1,212.5 lbs. (550 kg).

PMV’s EaS-E has two circular LED headlights and a strip of light that runs all the way across a grille-like structure. Just like the headlights, the back looks like a slightly depressed hexagonal glass with the tail lights running across the length of the glass. In terms of looks, the four-door quadricycle can pass for a miniaturized minivan. It is claimed that it can reach a top speed of 70 km/h (43.5 mph)

What we know so far about the interior

For over a year, PMV Electric has continued to release short clips showcasing the exterior and interior of the quadricycle using models. This has allowed fans to learn a lot about EaS-E’s interior. Firstly, we know that it has a centrally-placed steering wheel. The steering wheel is loaded with functionalities for controlling the entire cabin.

Nestled directly behind the steering on what PMV Electric calls a ‘futuristic dashboard’ is a digital instrument cluster that shows the temperature of the car, the speed, battery life, range (in km), and time. Since it is right in front of the driver, it makes it easier for the driver to read without moving their eyes off the road.

To the left, close to the end of the dashboard, you will find an integrated personalized infotainment system. The small digital screen has a navigator and allows you to control the sound system. Its positioning is handy without taking the driver’s attention off the road. Front-facing air conditioner vents protrude from the front of both sides of the dashboard.

An executive urban transport solution

The size and the interior features of EaS-E (like the electronic window console) clearly show the intent of PMV Electric. The car was meant to satisfy the yearnings of an executive urban transport for regular commuters. So, the market for the EaS-E will likely be fleet buyers.

Just behind the driver is a king-size cabin with ample legroom. It is easy to mistake the four doors of the EaS-E to mean that it has room for four passengers. Well, from the model’s interior, we can conclude that the car was designed for just the driver and a passenger—or two slim passengers at most. A small LED on the roof shines a light on the plush dual-tone interior and comfortable seats.

EaS-E doesn’t have extensive security features like you will see on emerging EVs—and it is not required to do so anyway. As a quadricycle, EaS-E doesn’t have to comply with safety regulations governing regular cars like mandatory airbags. Judging from the thin pillars, it also skips the crumple zone. However, it still comes with front disc brakes and a reverse parking camera which gives it an edge over the Qute.

EaS-E lacks a trunk and the cargo space—if any—remains unknown, just like many other specs. Hopefully, any information vacuum about the electric quadricycle will be filled during the reveal on November 16.

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