Lucid Reveals Three-Row 2024 Gravity SUV After Over Two-Year Wait

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Gravity will come in two and three-row configurations

It is now over two years since Lucid Gravity was first spotted in California. Since then, Lucid has been mum about the development of its crossover electric vehicle. However, that changed on Tuesday 15 November 2022 when the Saudi-backed company unveiled the 2024 Gravity EV in an “In the Air – and Beyond” digital event.

Lucid Air currently holds the record of being the electric vehicle with the longest range. The company has hinted that only the 2024 Gravity EV will come close. During the launch, the company also released more images of the new EV that reveals a whole lot more details that weren’t previously available.

When the order books open in early 2023, customers will be allowed to choose between two-row and three-row configurations with a capacity of 5 to 7 passengers. The configuration featured in the concept drawings revealed to the media was the six-passenger configuration. The middle row featured cabin-like seats that could recline to nearly 150 degrees.

The 2024 Gravity EV will borrow Lucid Air’s signature Glass Canopy roof that stretches all the way to the third row. Also confirmed by Lucid is that the Gravity EV will feature advanced reiterations of its Glass Cockpit high-resolution displays that run on the Lucid UX software interface.

“Gravity leverages on all our achievements so far, pushing forward improvements of our in-house technology to build a luxury performance SUV like never seen before,” said Lucid CEO and CTO, Peter Rawlinson. “The same way Lucid Air was the game-changer in the sedan category, Gravity will evolve the world of luxury SUVs by creating new benchmarks.”

Performance features of the 2024 Gravity EV

The Gravity EV was built on Lucid’s “efficiency, performance, spaciousness, and luxury” philosophy. Since the production of the Gravity EV will begin in 2023 with deliveries scheduled for 2024, Lucid is reluctant to give out any details. Besides the fact that it will offer a “supercar performance”, every other information about the Gravity is mere speculation based on comparison with the Lucid Air.

Dan Edmunds of Car and Driver speculated that Gravity may be powered by the 670 hp electric motor and 22-module underfloor battery pack. Given the EV’s larger size and weight, Edmunds also predicts that it will share the 112.0 kWh battery pack found in Air rather than having the smaller 96 kWh battery pack.

From the released pictures, it is evident that Gravity will not have vertical front grilles. It will feature box LED headlights that reduce to a strip and arcs around the front. Just like the headlights, the taillights also run end-to-end.

Unlike Air, the Gravity will likely come with air springs at each corner for load leveling and height adjustability which gives an SUV the desired utility. We will have to wait until early 2023 to find out because that is when the Gravity configurator will open. According to representatives from the company, production of the Gravity will likely happen simultaneously with the Air sedan in the AMP-1 plant in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Update on Air Pure and Air Touring

Prior to the launch of the Air, Lucid promised that it would produce a more affordable single-moto variant with a price tag of $60,000. However, it continued to add more expensive Airs to its collection with the Sapphire sitting at the top with a price tag of $249,000.

However, on Tuesday 15 November, Lucid finally announced that production of the rear-wheel drive Air Pure will commence in 2023—but the price has been adjusted to $87,400—which is likely linked to the global financial crisis. Another version of the Air Pure priced at $92,900 will go into production before the end of 2022.

The rear-wheel single-motor Air Pure will have a smaller battery pack when placed side-by-side with other Airs. Also, it will make use of 18 modules rather than 22 and is expected to have an EPA range of 410 miles.

Lucid also revealed that fulfillment of customer orders for the $107,400 Air Touring has begun. Touring offers 425 miles from the 18-module battery pack. Lucid also reduced the drag coefficient of all the Air models to 0.197. 


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