Automakers Tease Exciting Reveals At CES 2023

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CES 2023 will feature over 3,100 exhibitors from 173 countries and territories

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the world’s most influential tech events. Hitherto, it has been the platform for “breakthrough technologies and global innovators”. The biggest global brands seize the opportunity to expand their business partners and find the brightest innovators.

CES is produced and owned by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). CES 2023 will feature over 3,100 exhibitors from 173 countries and territories. The keynote address will be delivered by Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management at BMW. CES 2023 will begin on Thursday 5 January 2023 and end on Sunday 8 January 2023.

With the CES 2023 around the corner, automakers have lined up numerous thrilling announcements for the Las Vegas show. Electric vehicle enthusiasts are anticipating announcements from Volkswagen, Ram, and others. Below are some of the big reveals expected to happen at CES 2023.

Ram to unveil the concept of the upcoming electric pickup

The concept pickup known as Ram 1500 Revolution BEV will be one of the thrilling revelations at CES 2023. Ram has already teased that the vehicle will be available for order soon. While it is unclear if the concept will differ significantly from the eventual production version, Ram will likely reveal the hauling capacity, driving range, and horsepower.

Ram’s parent company, Stellantis will also reveal a new Peugeot concept under the moniker Inception. The French brand is eyeing the U.S. market. It is possible that some of the technologies and styling of Peugeot Inception will also spread to other Stellantis models.

Volkswagen to pull the sheet off ID.Aero Concept

Another big reveal expected at CES 2023 is the new EV from Volkswagen. The official reveal of the EV was slated for January 3—two days before CES 2023 officially kicks off. The new EV will be on display on Volkswagen’s boot throughout the show.

Volkswagen said the ID.Aero has a drag coefficient of 0.23 which helps it to push towards 385 miles WLTP range. But, the automaker has remained mum on the torque and horsepower ratings.

The automaker has said it will continue to produce ID.8 and ID.Aero side-by-side. The former will be a large SUV while the latter will be a sedan. Although Volkswagen released images of the ID.Aero Concept in June 2022, it hinted that production could start in 2023 for the U.S., European, and Chinese markets.

According to Volkswagen, what the company will reveal in Las Vegas will be camouflaged versions of the EV as well as the official announcement of the names of the vehicles. Another clue the company left behind is that it would be the ID.Aero.

Volkswagen has been consistent with its naming scheme. Therefore, there are rumors that a number may replace Aero. The most likely number to replace the Aero to maintain their naming scheme consistency would be ‘7’. Thus, many are speculating that we will likely see ID.7 at CES 2023.

A new Sony and Honda EV will be showcased at CES 2023

Emerging EV makers are set to rival Tesla’s dominance. Japanese giants Honda and Sony joined forces in 2022 to create an EV that will take on Tesla. The product of that collaboration will be revealed for the first time at CES 2023.

Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) confirmed that it will unveil its new EV at CES 2023 on 4 January in Las Vegas. However, the joint venture projects that the production of its first EV will be in 2026. 

The focus will be on the North American market while Japan will be the second market followed by a launch in the European market. Sony released the announcement with a teaser image—although the image didn’t reveal the model.

The President of Sony Honda Mobility, Izumi Kawanishi said that as a result of the collaborative venture, Sony may consider integrating the PlayStation 5 inside the car. For that to happen, the car has to drive on autopilot. Therefore, they are working on level 3 autonomous driving technology.

Some features will be available to the EV through a subscription service. Reports suggest that the upcoming SHM electric vehicle will be offered in the premium EV segment. Simply put, it may not be available for mass-market consumption.

In the joint venture, Honda will be in charge of the engineering capabilities and vehicle manufacture while Sony will handle the software system in the EV including in-cabin entertainment options and cloud-based services. It is unclear which half of the joint venture will be responsible for after-sales support.

Vinfast’s long list of electric mobility products

VinFast, the electric mobility arm of the Vingroup conglomerate has announced that it will be part of the CES 2023. The automaker plans to showcase its electric vehicle ecosystem comprising VF 8 test drives, four electric bike concepts, and four electric SUV models (VF 6, VF 7, VF 8, and VF 9). The automaker is promising an immersive experience in its booth.

The first shipment of the VF 8 which was launched recently happened in mid-December 2022. VinFast has indicated that the company will allow attendees of the CES 2023 to test drive VF 8 in special areas around the convention center so that they will experience the vehicle’s features and modern technology.

In addition to the EVs, VinFast will showcase the concept of their electric bikes for the first time at CES 2023. Le Thi Thu Thuy, the Chairwoman of VinFast and Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup said the delivery of the first 999 VF 8 EVs at the Benicia port in California was a fulfillment of the promise they made at CES 2022.

Other automakers that will make big reveals at CES 2023

There is a slew of advancements scheduled for CES 2023 from different automakers in the industry. Audi is set to unveil its new in-car VR entertainment system as well as promising “experience rides” for those that will make it to the convention.

While Polestar 3 is set to start fulfilling deliveries in 2023, the automaker will showcase its advanced driver monitoring system at CES 2023. The car features SmartEye technology with two closed-loop cameras that track the head, eyelid, and eye movements and will issue alerts to the driver. In extreme cases, the system will halt the vehicle.

The Chrysler Airflow concept was first announced at the last CES. According to the press release for CES 2023, Chrysler will unveil the most recent development for its first production EV which is set to launch in 2025. There are already speculations that it may be a version of the Airflow that is close to production-spec.

Aska eVTOL first showcased a design for an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle. The quadrocopter could drive like a car or take flight when necessary. The startup now has a full-size working prototype that they feel confident enough to showcase to the public at CES.

Big reveals are also expected from BMW, Italdesign, and Mercedes-Benz. However, we must wait until the start of CES 2023 to see what they offer. 


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