Audi and EVO Partner to Build Largest Interconnected EV Charging Network

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Plan calls for installing 70+ EV chargers in strategic locations in Oman

The success of electric vehicle rollout is largely dependent on the availability of charging stations. Therefore, to enhance the user experience for new Audi EV owners and enhance the adoption of EVs in the Sultanate, Audi Oman, represented by Premium Motors, has entered into a partnership with EVO to launch the largest network of interconnected electric vehicle chargers.

EVO is the leading provider of electric vehicle chargers in Oman. They have been the leading electric vehicle charging solution for businesses and EV owners in the Sultanate.

Consequent to that partnership, the two have unveiled the first in a series of public EV chargers at an event held under the support of the Minister of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, Eng Said bin Hamood al Maawali at the Oman Automobile Association.

The unveiling of the EV chargers on Wednesday 9 November 2022 is in line with Oman’s greener future plan and net-zero 2050 pledge. EVO and Audi Oman plan to install more than 70 EV chargers in strategic locations in Oman before the end of 2022. That number will be expanded to more than 250 by the end of next year.

Speaking about the partnership, a spokesperson for EVO said, “We are excited to work with Audi and even more excited with the relationship we have developed with Premium Motors through our shared vision of improved sustainability and an environmentally mindful future. The launch is the first step towards a net-zero future. It will contribute immensely to the wide-scale electric vehicle adoption in Oman. Premium Motors and Audi have shown that they are leading the vision of an electrified future and we are thrilled to be making this journey with them.”

Audi’s push to dominate Oman’s unique landscape

Oman has a unique landscape with widespread development. Therefore, it needs an extensive EV infrastructure to support the mainstream adoption of EVs. The lack of public charging stations is the greatest challenge that EV customers in the country are facing.

Audi has been pushing to make Oman one of its major markets and this was made clear during the launch of the e-Tron Sportback in the country earlier in 2022. The launch of the battery-powered luxury crossover and the building of a robust charging network will further cement Audi’s position as the leading EV marketspace in Oman.

Highlighting the importance of a robust charging infrastructure, the General Manager of Premium Motors Oman, Christian Nehme said, “We trust that our efforts in building electric vehicle infrastructure in Oman will enhance Audi’s overall sustainability approach. The charging process is crucial to the daily use of an electric vehicle. We are excited to unveil a series of new charging points that will boost the convenience of owning a premium electric vehicle like the e-Tron Sportback. In addition to delivering world-class products, we also strive to ensure our customers have a stress-free and enjoyable experience.”

Premium Motors is the proprietary importer of Volkswagen and Audi cars in Oman. It is a subsidiary of the Alfardan Group known for delivering luxury car brands and exceptional customer experience across diverse industries.

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