GMC Hummer EV: Touching new heights of popularity

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GMC struggles to meet the demand

GMC Hummer EV: Touching new heights of popularity

GMC introduced the HUMMER pickup brand in 1998. At that time, it was powered by fuel. Now, after a wait of almost 25 years, they are ready to dominate the market with its EV form. GMC has introduced the HUMMER EV, and it has already broken all records of the popularity of a consumer truck ever in history. The HUMMER comes in two variants: SUV and Pickup. It has opened a horizon of choices for people according to their needs. The legacy of HUMMER, along with the top-notch features offered in the latest EV model, has contributed significantly to the popularity of the consumer vehicle.


Let us talk about the HUMMER EV pickup price. The company is going to launch multiple models. The entry variant starts at $79,995, as suggested by the manufacturers. But here’s the catch: GMC will not begin the sales with this model. Instead, the model that goes on sale first is the edition-1 which starts at $110,295 as suggested by the manufacturers.

Now comes the HUMMER EV SUV. It is also coming in multiple variants. These variants differ based on the number of engines. One with three motors and 830hp starts at $106,645. At the same time, the two-engine variant will be available for $10,000 cheaper, i.e., $96,645.

Worth the money?

This beast of a consumer vehicle is worth all your money, and the stats and analysis state the same. Although a $100,000 mark looks like a lot, once we get into the truck’s details, its features, and all the benefits it packs inside it, you will be willing to spend your $100,000 on this EV.


The GMC HUMMER EV pickup and SUV have gotten the world by storm. There have been a total of more than 100,000 preorders for the truck, and the company has been able to deliver only 783 of them. This supply shortage is suspected to increase further. It is because GMC has decided to halt production at its Michigan factory, close the factory for a few weeks and make some necessary amendments that will help boost consumer vehicle production in the future.

What has this shortage done to the market? Well, it has increased the demand multiple folds instead of decreasing it. Resources state that these pickup and SUV HUMMERs are getting sold at auctions for insane prices. People are ready to pay twice, even thrice, the original price to own this absolute monster. One buyer acquired the vehicle for $225,000 at an auction, which is approximately double the actual cost of the car. It is just a glimpse of how popular the HUMMER EV is as an electric vehicle.

Why is it getting so much attention?

The reason for its insane popularity lies in the features that the manufacturer has provided for these consumer vehicles. From interior to exterior, from top to bottom, from front to rear, this vehicle is majestic, premium, and in a class of its own. Let’s observe some of the advertised features below.


The most crucial question in the mind of buyers before they invest their money in electric vehicles is the range of the vehicle. GMC has offered a solution to the range of problems here. The pickup provides more than 350 miles on a single charge, and the SUV offers more than 300 miles on a single charge. Interestingly, these electric vehicles support 800 VOLTS FAST DC CHARGING. It lets you get up to 100 miles from a 10-minute charge on edition-1 pickup. Honestly, it is an insight into the future.

Torque and Acceleration:

Usually, pickups are known for their average speed and slow acceleration, but this beast thrashes all the previous records. The pickup goes from 0-60mph in just 3s. Remember that even the fastest of the upcoming tesla car goes from 0-60mph in 1.9s. The pickup is 1S BEHIND, the fastest electric car. Compared to that, the SUV is just half a second late. It goes from 0-60mph in 3.5s.

Regarding torque, both consumer vehicles show absolute madness. It offers a stunning 15,640 Nm of torque. The pickup has 1000hp, whereas the SUV lies at 830hp.


The interior of these electric vehicles is just as breathtaking as their exterior is. It gives a premium and professional look and ensures the ride remains smooth even on the terrain. It is available in two variants, a dark-lunar shadow-like interior or a lighter interior. The choice eventually depends on the personal preference of the buyer.


There are two screens installed inside the vehicle. One is in front of the steering wheel and measures 12.3″ diagonally. It provides a vibrant, colorful, and interactive display where you can see everything related to the vehicle.

The second screen is center-mounted, but its position is adjustable, and the driver can move it farther or closer according to his mood. It measures 13.4″ diagonally. It is also colorful and vibrant and provides a sharp image.


HUMMER has introduced a new feature to these SUVs. It makes use of the 4×4 technology and allows you to tilt the rear tires 10 degrees inwards or outwards. This helps you get through narrow tracks quickly without damaging the exterior of the car. This feature is as cool as its name makes it seem so. There is currently no comparable consumer vehicle in the market that yet provides this feature.

Extract mode:

You are enjoying nature while on a cruise in the mountains, and suddenly you come across and fierce stream of water or a block of stones that has impeded your pathway. Do not worry; HUMMER has got you covered here. Just press the button, activate the extract mode, and your vehicle will activate the air ride suspension that increases its height by approximately 6 inches and allows you to trespass on those obstacles easily.

You can also decrease the height by around 2 inches. It gives you a more stabilized center of gravity and makes the ride more stable and smooth.

Unbelievable ground clearance:

HUMMER comes with 35″ tires that give it insane ground clearance. It provides you with the best on- and off-the-road experience, especially the off-road experience, which is greatly enhanced with those massive tires. Those huge tires also act as shock absorbers themselves. In addition to that, there are front and rear suspensions to aid those tires in making the ride memorable for you.

Audio system:

A good and powerful audio system is as essential for the car as its range, acceleration, or torque. It is something that people use daily. When they get in their vehicle, the first thing is to start the car, and the second is to turn on the music. Listening to music is compulsory whether you are with your family or friends. The vehicle has a 14-speaker audio system that provides crisp sound and strong bass. The importance of a top-notch sound system in such pickups is very important. These are the vehicles that people use primarily on challenging tracks. Provided the pickup also comes in an open exterior option, the external sounds can deteriorate the experience of the songs. Powerful speakers in such vehicles play a role in making them popular.

360-degree panoramic view:

HUMMER has installed a lot of cameras on its new pickup and SUV. The SUV contains 17 cameras arranged all around the car. It also includes cameras in the front, rear, below, and inside the vehicle. The image from all these cameras is shown on the centrally-mounted display present in the center. This is where the portability of the screen comes into play. The driver can pull the screen closer and get a 360-degree panoramic view of the surroundings without even moving the neck.

The new pickup goes even further as it has 18 cameras placed all around the car. The image is displayed on the centrally mounted screen, with the option of adjusting the screen just like in the SUV. This feature is extremely useful in the pickup because the vehicle has to cover terrains and narrow paths to reach the destination. The comprehensive, panoramic eagle-eye view allows the driver to be completely aware of the surroundings and position of the car and, thus, drive much more safely.

Exterior design:

The exterior looks absolutely stunning and breathtaking. Moreover, if we discuss the top specifically, the HUMMER offers an infinity roof and transparent sky panels. This lets you thoroughly enjoy the views, gaze at the star trails at night, or enjoy the cloudy weather. You can also have an utterly open-air experience if you want to.


Although this feature is not new in the world of electric vehicles, it has become very useful in this consumer pickup and SUV. The car can drive itself on some supported roads. This lets you enjoy the ride or rest a bit and freshen yourself up. Moreover, this service is entirely free for the first three years of purchasing the vehicle.

Final opinion:

Perplexed about whether to buy this pickup or SUV or not? Well, let us make this decision a bit easier for you by summarizing all the facts. These consumer vehicles were to become available in the latter part of 2022. Just as they entered the market, 100,000 keen buyers immediately booked them. Seven hundred fifty-three of them were lucky to get their booked vehicle. One of them has already sold it for double the price of what he bought it at. The features offered by this pickup and SUV are second to none. That ground clearance, premium aura, beautiful exterior, mind-blowing acceleration, and second-to-none stability combined with a good range and fast charging make this vehicle worth every of your penny. Don’t delay the decision; no other consumer vehicle will even come close to it. Happy EVolving!










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