Ford’s All-New E-Tourneo Sets The Standard For Electric Van

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8 Tips To Get More Range From EVs In Cold Months

Ford has introduced the E-Tourneo Custom under the Ford Pro category. The EV minivan kicks the expectations for a multipurpose vehicle segment a notch higher. It can be used for work but is also fitted with features that make it convenient for use as a camper van.

“Whether it is shuttling executives to the airport or a weekend trip with family,” said Hans Schep, the general manager for commercial vehicles at Ford of Europe, “the E-Tourneo Custom with its all-electric powertrain, innovative luxury features, cutting-edge design, and advanced connectivity is a captivating choice.”

The electric van which is headed for release in European markets in 2023 is based on the E-Transit Custom which was previously reserved exclusively for commercial models and wild concepts. It will be sold as a passenger van with varying drivetrain options that includes a plug-in hybrid.

The new platform is engineered to deliver optimum comfort and versatility as well as a high-efficiency battery-electric drivetrain with a target range of about 230 miles (370 km) on the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

Ford hopes to woo fans of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz with the E-Tourneo Custom. Also, the EV is targeting SUV buyers with varying trims of the vehicle including ‘Active’ and the higher range ‘Titanium X’. There is no word yet on pricing.

Features of the E-Tourneo Custom

The new E-Tourneo will come with a 74-kWh battery and an onboard 11-kW AC charger that can fully charge the battery in around 8 hours. However, it will only take 41 minutes to charge the battery from 15% to 80% using the 125 kW Level 3 fast charger. It has a towing capacity of 4,400 pounds (2,000 kg).

In terms of electronic features. The E-Tourneo packs a punch including 5G connectivity. Another useful inclusion that will come in handy when the electronic minivan is on a road trip is the wireless charging pad that is wide enough to accommodate nine devices.

For the plug-in hybrid vehicle that doesn’t require a large battery, the capacity goes up from eight to nine. Also, it will combine an electric motor powered by an 11.8 kWh battery pack with a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle engine. 

The Tourneo Custom PHEV will offer up to 31 miles with the battery before switching to the gasoline-powered engine. That will be enough for a regular commute and significantly cut down the driver’s spending on the pump.

For those that still prefer internal combustion engines (ICE), Ford will also roll out three diesel-powered variants of the Tourneo Custom with 128, 148, and 168 horsepower respectively. The 128 and 148 diesel-engine powered variants will have a manual transmission in Europe and an intelligent AWD option with an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The diesel-powered variants will first hit the market in mid-2023 before the all-electric version will follow in the later part of the year. All models of the E-Tourneo Custom will be produced in Ford’s Turkish plant.

The internal experience of the E-Tourneo Custom

The E-Tourneo Custom is not lacking in smart features and executive experience. It comes with adaptive cruise control, a 360-degree camera system, a fully active park assist, and a reverse brake assist. The icing for the driver is a tilting steering wheel that can be covered to create a platform for your laptop or just whatever you wish.

As the name suggests, the E-Tourneo Custom allows the passengers to carry out a wide range of customizations on the vehicle. The middle and back rows can be adjusted to create more legroom. 

What may feel like the most ingenuous inclusion is the ability to flip the seats on the middle row to face the ones on the back row to create a sort of conference sitting arrangement.

Also, the seats can fold to create more cargo space which will come in handy for a family going on a camping or road trip. The expanded glove box can fit a laptop and other essentials like headphones and eyeglasses.

It comes with a panoramic glass roof that lets in natural daylight and changes the way you experience your environment. Other impressive features are the B&O audio systems, power side doors, and digital key cards.

Behind the steering, there is a digital screen for all the vehicle stats. A protrusion in the middle of the dashboard holds the infotainment screen—which can also be used to control other features of the vehicle. Regardless of the available pictures, the degree of customization the E-Tourneo Custom can take is insane.

Ford’s 8-point tips on how to improve EV range in the cold

With the cold months ahead of us, Ford has given EV users tips on how to get more range from their electric vehicles. This is coming at the right time knowing that battery-electric vehicles are negatively impacted by freezing temperatures.

As the temperature drops below 40 degrees, the amount of energy the battery pack can hold begins to decline. Automakers have been working on ways to mitigate this effect including pre-conditioning the battery packs so that their temperature never gets too cold when parked as well as offering different driving modes that conserve energy.

Although the tip sheet released by Ford was specifically for those that own the F-150 Lightning electric pickup, it can come in handy for any EV. According to Ford, the results were the results of rigorous testing in Alaska and Michigan at temperatures that were often lower than -40 degrees. The suggestions are as follows;

  1. Park the EVs inside to limit exposure to extreme cold
  2. Keep the vehicle plugged in when packed so that it draws energy from the home’s utility to maintain its temperature rather than draining the battery
  3. When planning for a long drive, use the pre-conditioning feature
  4. Instead of using a climate control system for warmth, use the energy-efficient heated seats and steering wheel
  5. While the vehicle is charging, leave the cabin heater off
  6. Wipe off snow from the EV to reduce aerodynamic drag which can negatively impact efficiency
  7. Inflate tires to recommended pressures
  8. At low temperatures, drive at a lower speed


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